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Who We Are

We are at Invest Mango working in the field of real estate, We bring up a concept of portfolio advisory in order to transform this unorganized industry to a organized industry.


To bring transparency, To fill the gap b/w Builders & Buyers. To connect all the location at one platform. To bring the trust again in estate market. To make Real Estate Industry at fastest growing industry.


To lead the real estate market by 2020, 4 million associates are involved in the service of this market and has 180 million dollars of market by 2020. To get these 4 billion associates to our platform.



Benefit To All

  • Easy to access
  • Detailed comparative info including comparison in terms of material or quality they used in raw material
  • The alternative or coming developments in the vicinity
  • Online site visit with look over the real location with the help of technology.
  • Time Saving.

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Coming to the prices he will get additional perks in booking online as well as we cut off all the margins and best buy can be seen online.
All the comparative info regarding to construction merits of particular projects like what products or which grade of raw material used in making the building.
















That’s exactly what explains the opportunities lying in our business. We focus on the goals and expectations of the customers and organizing the industry for better transactions from anywhere around the globe making the best buy for them. In the industry of million buyers and sellers, this organized direction towards fulfilling the goal.

Honest and hardworking people , will give you Genuine advise and help you get the best options possible . I have seen Brokers changing after the deal is closed , but Invest Mango are different and they will help even outside areas if your expertise. They create a long lasting and professional relation with customer.

Aru May

Invest Mango is excellent in his service and deal. We are in touch with M.Varun last 2 years, Finally after long time , i have done deal with help of Varun. My many friend had taken deal from Varun. He have good command of real state. Thanks Varun for your nice effort, i will meet you when i will come in india.

Saurabh Kumar Agrawal

Reliable and trusted service .. Varun Gupta have excellent knowledge in real state and dedicated for customer delight.

Abhishek Gupta

Informative, Transparent, Responsible, Quick and in short always available. Only organisation whom you trust for your life time earnings.

Shreekant Sharma


Now it is hereby agreed between both parties are as follows:

  • For every sale partner will get the points as per the scheduled below.
    Sale Partner Points
    Nx One 1 Point
    Ace Divino 1 Point
    Ace City 0.5 Point
    Nirala Green Shire 1 Point
    Nirala Aspire 1 Point
    Godrej Golf Links Evoke 2 Points
    Tata Value Homes 1 Point
    Galaxy Blue Sapphire 1 Point
    ATS Raphasody 1 Point

    For all other projects Partner can consult its relationship manager for the points info.

  • For every 5 points in partner account partner will get 1 Bonus Point, means if partner have 5 points in account or due unredeemed then these will count as 6 points. And if points will be 15 then partner will get additional 2 bonus points.
  • For every point redeemable value is INR 50000, which can be redeemed as after generation of point.
  • Points will be generated after completion of 20% of requisite payments with the process time of 15 days or as per the payment plan scheduled.
  • For every refer partner, Partner will get 20% of immediate points earned by its immediate referral partner as a bonus.
  • If partner completes its vertical line with 10 successful association and its any of partner completes its 10, the L1’s bonus income from its L2 will be increased by 10% means it will scheduled for 30% instead of 20%.
  • After every quarter square off will be processed and points in the account will be transferred immediately after every quarter.
  • If partner request for transfer of additional discounts outside the on form scheduled then partner will have to bear that from its incentives or shall be adjusted from its incentives.
  • Partners will get all the requisite support and privilege as the partner of Invest Mango and In Rewards and recognition program, Top performing partner will be rewarded.
  • Any contest other than partner schedule will be informed directly to partners.

Earn From Your Relation. Help -> Referral -> Earn

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We ensure quality & support. People love us & we love them.

We are at Invest Mango working in the field of real estate, We bring up a concept of portfolio advisory in order to transform this unorganized industry to a organized industry.

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